The Janeiro-na-Madeira (J-n-M) Event 2023 on proteomics and related topics

The first J-n-M meeting in January 2022 encompassed in its hybrid format two EU consortia meetings and 15 lectures delivered by best speakers from EU, USA, Canada and Argentina. Over 80 individual attendees listened to the lectures online, and 11 participants were present in person.

The second J-n-M event will take place on January 8-13, 2023 in Funchal, Madeira, Portugal, in a new format.

Web site:

Please note that the invited speaker list is at the bottom of the first page.

The on-site participants are welcome to arrange their stays in or around hotel Carlton in downtown Funchal. The Coupon Code  JANMAD23 will provide a 15% discount when booking between January 8 to 14 2023.

As there will be no conference fee, no freebee should be expected.

All lectures will be on Zoom, but there will be ample opportunity for in-person communication during coffee breaks, lunches and dinners at Carlton, as well as evening activities. There will also be one full day (Wednesday January 11) reserved for social activities and informal communication.