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Clinical Proteomics

The entire approach how we diagnose and make treatment decisions is undergoing a paradigm shift in form of precision medicine, where targeted drugs are tailored for an individual patient based on extensive and informative biomarker data.

Precision medicine field is in part technology driven and internationally, the field is rapidly moving toward including proteome analysis to represent the molecular phenotype. The adoption of proteome analysis is catalyzed by revolutionary developments in the proteomics field by a new MS approach, so called data-independent acquisition MS (DIA-MS) and related targeted multiplex MS-analysis PRM, coupled with developments in high throughput chromatography and automation in sample preparation. These developments have solved problems with generation of robust high-content data in large clinical cohorts.

A major grant from the Swedish Research Council has enabled BioMS to establish a clinical platform with identical setups of instrument at each node and will allow rapid service for Swedish researchers.

For further information, please contact one of our node managers at each site.

Sven Kjellström, Lund university

Carina Sihlbom, University of Gothenburg

Maria Pernemalm, Karolinska institutet