Project request

BioMS provides a  portal for project requests. We welcome project requests in the BioMS focus areas defined under technologies. Each project is evaluated and prioritized. If access is granted, the project is assigned to the site with most relevant expertise. Note that this is not a grant application, there will be a subsidized cost for your project.

The project application form

In the application form you will be asked to fill in the SCB classification code (mandatory), find more information on pages 10-21 in this pdf file, and your ORCID, find more information on the orchid web-site.

Note that Firefox v49 or earlier is not a supported web browser for the application form!

Smartphones are not supported due to their small screens!




Project support call

The Swedish national infrastructure BioMS offers cutting edge instrument platforms and expertise within biological mass spectrometry. With this call, we want to give researchers in Sweden the opportunity to address central scientific questions within their projects using a panel of state-of-the art mass spectrometry techniques.
Specifically, we seek to support researchers with ongoing projects that would benefit from adding advanced biological mass spectrometry to the project, and contribute to moving the frontiers of science forward or fill in existing knowledge gaps. One to three projects can be approved and will receive complete mass spectrometry expert support including experimental planning, mass spectrometry-based method development, and data analysis support.

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