Swedish national infrastructure for biological mass spectrometry

BioMS is a nationally distributed infrastructure for biological mass spectrometry and proteomics. Each site offers specialized analytical techniques that the Swedish life science community demands. Biological mass spectrometry is an indispensable tool for molecular researchers in biology and medicine.  The fast development and wide variety of instrumentation makes it challenging to access state-of-the-art instrumentation by the Swedish life science community. In 2015, the Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsr√•det) granted funds to found the BioMS consortium.


The BioMS national infrastructure enables the cutting-edge mass spectrometry and related advanced technology platforms to be part of your research projects.


BioMS provides a portal for project requests. We welcome project requests in the BioMS focus areas defined under technologies. Each project is evaluated and prioritized. If access is granted, the project is assigned the site of most relevant expertise.

We aim to facilitate MS-based research to address biological mass spectrometric applications in life science research of national importance. The establishment of BioMS is of national strategic importance in order to develop and strengthen the life science community beyond the genomic era.