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Targeted Proteomics

Targeted Proteomics is a very powerful technique for simultaneous determination of protein abundance for a selected set of proteins. The technique is based on proteolytic degradation of proteins and high performance liquid chromatography coupled to an MS instrument. Tandem MS experiments are automatically scheduled for a selection of predefined peptides, enabling accurate quantification of the protein concentration in the sample.

The BioMS Targeted Proteomics platform currently comprises a Fusion Orbitrap instrument and triple quadrupole instruments (Vantage, TSQ instruments), all equipped with nanoEasy HPLC systems.

Targeted Proteomics at BioMS comprises:

  • Discovery experiments by use of data-dependent acquisition (DDA) in a Fusion Orbitrap for identification of proteins.
  • Targeted experiments in which a selection of proteins are quantified.

In a DDA workflow, the instrument sequences as many peptides as possible during the experiment, whereas in a targeted workflow, a selection of predefined peptides are quantified.


Sven Kjellström