Program for Spring 2023: Online National Seminar Series

Join our national online seminar series! A chance to get in touch with national proteomics research and to find a platform for discussion and new collaborations!

Our bi-weekly national seminar series in MS-based proteomics are organized together by the Swedish National Infrastructure for Biological Mass Spectrometry (BioMS), the Swedish Proteomics Society (SPS) and the SciLifeLab Integrative Structural Biology (ISB) platform.

How? We meet online. For link to the zoom meeting: contact
to get information about how to join online.

When? Every second Thursday at 11-12

Program Spring 2023

March 2 Ann Brinkmalm
University of Gothenburg

March 16 Tommaso de Marchi
Lund University

April 13 Jessica de Siqueira Guedes
Lund University, SPS2022 Young Scientist Award winner

April 27 Maria Pernemalm
Karolinska Institutet

May 11 Anahita Bakochi
Lund University

May 25 Sophia Weiner
University of Gothenburg

June 8 Massimiliano Gaetani
Karolinska Institutet & SciLifeLab