Project support call

Closed November 5th 2018

-How can mass spectrometry boost your research?
-Are you interested in how genomic alterations affect the protein landscape?
-Do you have a protein that you need to quantify accurately, but lack a specific antibody?
-Are you interested in glycosylated proteins?
-Do you have a compound and want to elucidate the protein binding site?
-What can lipids profiling tell you about your biological system?

Background of the call

The Swedish national infrastructure BioMS offers cutting edge instrument platforms and expertise within biological mass spectrometry. With this call, we want to give researchers in Sweden the opportunity to address central scientific questions within their projects using a panel of state-of-the art mass spectrometry techniques. Specifically, we seek to support researchers with ongoing projects that would benefit from adding advanced biological mass spectrometry to the project, and contribute to moving the frontiers of science forward or fill in existing knowledge gaps. One to three projects can be approved and will receive mass spectrometry expert support including experimental planning, mass spectrometry-based method development, and data analysis support.

This is BioMS

BioMS ( is a national Swedish infrastructure in biological mass spectrometry that offers access to state of the art mass spectrometry techniques and data analysis that are of strategic importance to the Swedish life science community.

The focus of BioMS is to provide cutting edge instrument platforms, mass spectrometry methods and data analysis methods. Our mission is to bring together world-leading scientists and technical experts in a comprehensive infrastructure to give Swedish scientists access to the most advanced and dedicated competence, equipment and education in biological mass spectrometry and data handling.


  • The main applicant should be a researcher at a Swedish University.
  • The main applicant should have completed a doctoral degree.
  • The application should clearly state the added value of mass spectrometry analysis to the project. The project should span over two or more of the BioMS analytical techniques: targeted proteomics, structural proteomics, proteogenomics, chemical proteomics, glycoproteomics, glycomics, clinical peptidomics, and lipidomics. Please refer to Technologies page for a complete description of the technologies offered, or contact BioMS (see below).The inclusion of more than two BioMS techniques will strengthen the application.
  • The successful applicants will receive mass spectrometry expert support to the project, provided in-kind.BioMS dedicates expert support and instrument running time in the range of 3-4 person months and 1-2 month of instrument running time to the call. The applicant must show other financing and be prepared to finance direct costs attributed to the project (e.g specific reagents). A detailed support plan will be set up together with the successful applicant once the project has been granted support.
  • The applicant should be ready to deliver samples to BioMS early 2019 so that the collaborative mass spectrometry part of the project can be completed within 2019.

Evaluation Process and Time Line

The call is open between October 1 and November 5, 2018.

Applications will be assessed for feasibility within the BioMS scope, and evaluated for scientific quality, significance in the field, and the strategic value for the project and BioMS.

Priority will be given to ongoing projects that are of high scientific impact, well defined and would have direct benefit of adding mass spectrometry analysis to advance the research.

The successful applicants will be notified by BioMS and the final decision will be announced on the BioMS website in December 2018. After this, the recipients and BioMS will set up a detailed plan together.

The mass spectrometry part of the project should be conducted during 2019.

How to apply

Fill in the application form in the web-based portal.

The completed application has to be signed electronically by the head of department.

In addition to the web-based application form, prepare and upload the following documents (pdf format) in the portal:

  • Research proposal (maximum 3 pages, including figures and references).The proposal should be written in English (font Times New Roman, font size 12) and should use the following headings:Title, Research question and Aims, Background and Preliminary Results, Required MS-support/BioMS technologies, and Scientific Impact including a statement of how the MS-support will contribute to this.
  • Publication list (10 most important publications published in the last 10 years, for each applicant/co-applicant).
  • Curriculum Vitae, of applicant and co-applicants respectively (maximum 2 pages each).

Application Deadline: November 5th, 2018 at 23:59

For further information about the call, please contact
Lars Ekblad, Director

For guidance and methodological information, please contact:

Targeted proteomics and Structural Proteomics
Dr. Sven Kjellström

Proteogenomics & chemical proteomics
Dr. Maria Pernemalm

Glycoproteomics, glycomics, clinical peptidomics, and lipidomics
Dr. Elisabet Carlsohn 

CLOSED November 5th 2018